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My thoughts regarding Thailand's Territorial Defense School new "volunteer" activity. (เติมคนดี 1 ล้านคน)


This blog post isn't going to be something lighthearted, but rather, something serious that I wanted to give my thoughts to. It's about Thailand's Territorial Defense School's new จิตอาสา activity, called "เติมคนดี 1 ล้านคน" (translation: "add 1 million 'good people' to [Thailand's] society).

Background: Territorial Defense School

All Thai men who are aged 21 have to attend the annual conscription draft. In the draft, there are red cards and black cards. Drawing a red card means you're drafted, and therefore must serve an amount of time, typically 2 years, (although this can be lowered through various criteria), drawing a black card means you're exempted, and don't have to serve. However, if you have to attend, you may also choose to volunteer to serve. If you do that, you will be given less time to serve in the military (typically 1 year, as opposed to drawing a red card and having to serve for 2 years.)

In other countries, such as in the U.S., where serving in the military is an honor and should be glorified, I don't believe that Thailand's military is that honorific, and there are many news articles about abuse in the Thai military that back up my claims, and there are many Thai citizens, both men and women, that want to abolish conscription in Thailand. Thais don't view their military as that "sacred" or "respectable", since they also believe that the Thai military also intervenes with other governmental items.

However, there are many legal criteria one might fit into to be exempt from attending the conscription draft. One of them is completing Year 3 of Territorial Defense School. Compared to the Thai military, Territorial Defense School is more relaxed, having to learn just 80 hours worth of content over the span of 10 weeks per year and having to attend a bootcamp for 2 to 7 days (except for Year 1). As stated above, completing Year 3 of Territorial Defense School is one of the criteria that exempts men from the conscription draft (but places them in the reserve roster instead). Territorial Defense School is under the control of the Royal Thai Army.

Admissions for Territorial Defense School begins in 10th Grade, where (one of the requirements is that) students have to pass a physicial fitness test to be accepted. This means that it is possible, and not rare to graduate Year 3 of Territorial Defense School and high school in the same academic year. In fact, most Thai men who attend Territorial Defense School did just that, and therefore don't have to attend the draft.

This is one of the reasons why many high-schoolers choose to attend Territorial Defense School.

Background: The Activity

On June 2024, the Territorial Defense School decided to start a new activity, called "เติมคนดี 1 ล้านคน". According to news articles and press released, the general commander of Thailand's Territorial Defense School invites all students in the Territorial Defense School to attend. The activity consists of doing good deeds and taking a picture of doing said deeds, and showing them to the Territorial Defense School through electronic means (a webapp).

However, messages sent to Territorial Defense School students, like myself, state the following (there are 14 sections in the message, shown below is section 1):

(1) นศท.ต้องเข้าร่วมโครงการ เติมคนดีครั้งยิ่งใหญ่ 1 ล้านคน ทุกนาย

(translation: (1) all students must attend the "add 1 million 'good people'" project)

If you're eagle-eyed, you might see that the two underlined words have totally different meanings, invites, and must, and that is a problem.

My Thoughts

Continuing from the previous section, the usage of different words to the press and to the actual students already makes me extremely angry. Clearly, they are forcing every student to attend, but only stated to the press that they are inviting students to the activity.

But of course, to actually enforce the students to actually attend, sections 2 and 5 of the message states that:

(2) ทุกนาย ต้องทำความดี ให้ครบ 3 วิชาย่อย คือ 2.1 ทำความดี ให้ครอบครัว หรือผู้ปกครอง 2.2 ทำความดี ให้สถานศึกษา 2.3 ทำความดี ให้สังคม (5) เมื่อผ่านครบ ทั้ง 3 วิชาย่อย แล้ว จะถือว่าผ่าน วิชาทำความดี ระบบจะบอกว่าผ่าน ขึ้นสู่ level 1

(translation: (2) every student must do good deeds for all 3 sub-subjects, which are, 2.1., doing good deeds for your family or parents, 2.2., doing good deeds for your place of schooling, 2.3., doing good deeds for society [...] (5) when finishing the 3 sub-subjects, it will be considered a pass in the "good-deed subject", the system will tell that you passed, and you will be at level 1)

Is the Territorial Defense School implying that if you don't do them, you fail (and have to repeat the grade)? If they are, this isn't good, because most students will now just "do good deeds" just for this activity.

In section 6 of the message, this is stated:

(6) นศท.ทุกนาย จะต้องหาสมาชิกอีก 4 คน จะเป็นใครก็ได้ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นเพื่อน พี่น้อง พ่อแม่ หรือญาติ และบันทึกในระบบ โดยกด +เพื่อน เข้าไป

(translation: every student must find 4 more members, doesn't matter who, such as a friend, sibling, parent, or relative, and register to the system, by pressing the "+friend" button)

Why does this look like a pyramid scheme, why must you invite 4 extra people? I'm starting to feel that not only this is forced, but this is definitely not OK.

In section 9 of the message, this is stated:

(9) แต่ละคนทั้ง 4 คนที่เชิญมาเป็นสมาชิก แต่ละคนไปหาสมาชิกให้ครบอีก 4 คน แล้วให้ทำความดี และบันทึกลงในระบบ เหมือนกับตนเอง

(translation: (9) for each person invited, they must also find 4 other people, to do good deeds, register them, just like the invited people)

Okay, this now looks like a pyramid scheme.

Finally, to prove that you're really doing it, in section 3 of the message:

(3) เมื่อทำความดี แล้วให้บันทึกลงในระบบ สั้นๆ ประมาณ 1-2 บรรทัด พร้อมรูปถ่าย 1-2 รูป หรือ link เห็นรูปทำความดี ของตนเอง

(translation: (3) when doing a good deed, register it, short, 1 to 2 lines with 1 to 2 pictures or a link to you doing the good deed)

One problem that I can see in this section is that you need to take a photo of you doing a good deed. While this doesn't sound too bad, it definitely is awkward for me, and also makes what you do look more "fake".

There are many parts from the message that I didn't include in this blog post, such as to do "10 to 20 things per sub-subject" in section 4.

Obviously, the word enforce is a strong word, so in the press releases, they said that there would be incentives (แรงจูงใจ) to doing the activity, such as reducing learning time by 4 to 8 hours if you reach a certain level, or even guaranteeing admission to some universities if you reach a high-enough level.

Of course, doing good deeds for the society is objectively good, but however, I believe that forcing people to do something makes them not want to do the things more. Additionally, as stated above, students will begin to do good things only because they're instructed to.

When the news articles gets shared on social media, such as on Facebook through official accounts, the amount of "positive" reactions and the ratio of "Ha-Ha"s (which, in this context, is used to mock) is almost equal or just slightly less, with comments under the shared articles doubting the activity, and that "they should be making themselves (the Territorial Defense School) better first, before forcing students to do the same."

With their (subjectly from me) already bad reputation, usually in the real Thai military, which many people then derive to also associate the bad reputation with the Territorial Defense School, this is not looking good, and while I understand their intention, to promote doing good deeds both to the students, and possibly to other people, this is just straight up forcing.

While making it hard on the students, the press releases also stated that "not a single Baht has been spent on this event", and while this could be true, I doubt it is true. They obviously commissioned a company to help develop this webapp. This is just speculation, but, did they also force them to create this webapp?

These are just my (preliminary) thoughts on the situtation, but what will happen if people don't do them? Before I make actual concrete guesses, I believe it's too early to tell at the moment, but I can be sure of one thing: this is a total waste of time to most, if not all parties involved.

I will also be adding updates to this blog post as time progresses, whether they pertain to me or not.

Plans for 2024

#Update #Personal #Mathematical Base Defenders #mistertfy64's Website

Since 2023 is coming to an end, I am doing what people are doing: setting New Year's resolutions. There will probably be more aside from this, but I don't really know what else to set more. I'm also writing to my blog so that this doesn't feel empty again.

By the way, I have decided that my blog posts will be under the CC BY 4.0 license, so you are free to share/distribute/adapt my blog posts, as long as you give me credit by (e.g.) providing a link back to the respective blog post's URL, or by mentioning my name.


Right now, I am in high school, so my #1 priority (just like most high-schoolers) would probably to get in a good university. I've taken the Digital SAT (Aug. 2023, 1460) and IELTS (Dec. 2023, 7.5, Academic on computer), and I'm quite satisified with my scores. I do not plan on retaking the Digital SAT or IELTS again because I already retook those once, but since my (or the objective) #1 university (in Thailand) also wants to see a science aptitude test score, I might need to study for that as well. I've never really studied for any school test for the past 1.5 years, but still managed to pass (that is, 50% or above) over 80% of the time if I remember correctly.

If you've been OSINT'ing be on my Facebook/Instagram account or on my certificate display, you might also notice that I passed the สอวน. (POSN) Training Camp 1 (Computer) selection test and passed another selection test while in said camp for eligibility to enter Training Camp 2, which I will be attending in March 2024. I really hope that I can somehow get a spot in the Thailand Olympiad in Informatics (TOI), so I'm mainly studying computer science algorithms right now. A reason why I'm trying really hard to get a spot (or even better, a medal) in the TOI is that I can use that instead of my test scores to apply to university, and another reason why I'm trying is that I get to brag to my friends about how smart I am.

(Explanatory Note: If you don't know what the TOI is, it is basically the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), but on the national level, so the TOI isn't that prestigious as the IOI, but most Thai universities only need a TOI medal (or a medal in another subject's Thai national olympiad, or for some universities, diploma from Training Camp 2) for higher/guaranteed chances of acceptance in TCAS's Round 1.)

Social Media

I do not frequently post stuff on social media, and that includes not posting stuff that promotes/tries to get more players into Mathematical Base Defenders. I want to change, so that I can be described as "more expressive" and "less-introverted" person in real life, and maybe to get more followers like my friends who post everything they do on their Instagram stories (no offense to them).


I switched back to using GNU/Linux. I would also like to contribute to open-source software, but the #1 reason I'm scared to do so is that it might backfire(???), and the #1 reason I can't do it is that I do not think I have anything useful to add to existing FLOSS. I would also like that mindset to change, but I have great difficulties trying to express myself (because I might be an introvert or something). Additionally, I would also like to talk about my plans for my projects:

Mathematical Base Defenders

I plan to really put in the effort to market/advertise Mathematical Base Defenders in 2024, so it can get more players, and maybe use the fact that I am a powerful person in Mathematical Base Defenders for my university application(???). On a side note, if you want to play Mathematical Base Defenders, click here. I am also waiting for feedback from potential users/testers, so that I can improve from it.


As for my personal website, I don't need to add anything on the apex domain itself (since it's just a project listing page), but I might add some new subdomains on my domain in 2024 to spice up my website. I would also like to improve the "stability" of my domains, as well as adding new features to existing domains.

These are some of my New Year resolutions for 2024. Share this blog post with other people so more people can laugh at me if I fail my New Year resolutions, and thank you for taking the time for reading!

Are you expecting a review on the สอวน. training camp that I promised over a month ago? Well, I don't really have any in-depth review of it, since it's a come-and-go-home camp (not an overnight camp). So here is a very short summary of it: Learn, eat, learn more eat, learn more, go home. Except for the middle and the end of the camp, where the teachers gave me the Training Camp 2 selection test. (สอวน. Training Camp 2 for Computer will probably be an overnight camp, as shown by social media posts from previous years.) But at least there's a better chance of an actual review (i.e., a dedicated blog post) for Training Camp 2 because of the more advanced material, and also the fact that it's an overnight camp. So if you want a review, you might have to wait until Camp 2 starts. Sorry...

August 2023 Status Update

#Update #Personal #Mathematical Base Defenders

This blog was written on Aug. 19, 2023, however, the date that this blog post was made is Aug. 20, 2023 at around midnight, according to my timezone.

To be honest, I wrote this status update so that my blog doesn't look empty and to prove that I'm still alive and well.

Hello, everyone!

I am quite sure that if you know me, you probably wondered what happened to my coding activity.

Don't worry, I'm not stopping anytime soon. I'm just taking a "break".

So what have I been up to?

As of now, I'm feeling quite stressed, but also excited at the same time, probably due to my "exam weekend" next week. (Aug. 26, 2023 to Aug. 27, 2023). I am spending that time reviewing material for the exams, while also slacking off when wanting to study.

"Exam Weekend"?

Yup, you heard that correctly! Next week, I will be taking two exams on the weekend! One that I'm not particularly worried about, but the other I'm super worried about.

I will be (re-)taking the (Digital) SAT on August 26, 2023. Although I already got a decent (according to my standards) score of 1420 (660 Reading & Writing, 760 Math), I kinda want to retake it due to my #1 university only looking at the Math section[1], and also in the case I don't get accepted I can find a different university.

I will also be taking Thailand's POSN selection camp test for the third time on August 27, 2023. This one is the one I'm worried about. I've already went to a seminar today that gave me tips on how to score higher, but I'm still scared from test anxiety and other stuff like not knowing/forgetting when I'm actually in the exam next week. To be fair, my score did increase in the last 2 attempts, on both subjects[2] from being average to getting above ONE standard deviation from average for both the Math and Computer exam, but sadly that isn't enough to "pass"[3].

Mathematical Base Defenders

It is still alive. I missed the (in my opinion) most important part of making a game: actually getting players. After the exams, I will try to get more players, by either promoting it more or telling more of my friends about it. That also explains the empty commit history for both the game subdomain and the accompanying website: No feedback. I just don't know what to improve (but I am still working on other features that, in the future, may be suggested).

Back to Coding Time

I would probably be actively coding for 6 hours during the school break, which is usually around September for Thai schools.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope to see you someday in Mathematical Base Defenders again.


[1] The (Digital) SAT's Math section, in my opinion, is very easy for me and probably other Thai students. Because of that, top universites want to see the best, or perfect scores on an easy test. Because the easier a test is, the higher the mean score would be. However, I tend to make some careless mistakes on easy tests.

[2] Math: 10% (-1stddev) to 21% (+1stddev), Computer: 52% (around average) to 57% (+1stddev due to average going down?). First listed is Feb. 2022's exam. Second listed is Aug. 2022's exam.

[3] Unlike the SAT, there is a "what happens after" for the POSN selection camp, as in if you score high enough (according to rank), you can go into the camp.

How to boost your Instagram Post Likes by 400%

#Mathematical Base Defenders #Update #Satire #Joke

I will tell you how to boost your Instagram post likes by 400%, from 1 like to 5 likes. The secret is simple. But first, where did the 400% come from?

In preparation for the upcoming 1,000-day anniversary update for Mathematical Base Defenders, I made a series of obligatory posts, i.e., X days until a big event is happening.

Here they are: 8 days until 1,000, 4 days until 1,000, 3 days until 1,000. These have generic what-mistertfy64-would-write-style captions. Notice these only got 1 like at the time of writing (2023-07-11).

Now here is the 7 days until 1,000 post. Notice this got 5 likes at the time of writing (2023-07-11).

Do you want to hear the secret? If so, read on... .















Joke about online gambling websites. In the 7 days until 1,000 post, the caption mentions online gambling websites, but in a "mocking" way. This is the part where it does that:

Speaking of the number 7, 777 jackpot break slot machine many dollar gamble online😂😂😂💵💵, because get it? The number 7 appears on slot machines, eh? นี่คือLnมคณิตศาสตs์|ม่ใช่เว็uwนัu

Well, now that you know the secret, this is what to do.

A very important legal notice

This is a joke. Gambling online in Thailand, where I live (and many other countries) is illegal. I did make an April Fools post that "introduced" gambling mechanics to Mathematical Base Defenders, but I still said that gambling online is illegal.

The word joke is in bold because it is important. If you decide to do what I do, please do not actually say stuff like "go to this gambling website for 100% bonus: [website here]" I'm joking about gambling websites, NOT promoting, endorsing, or implying that I run one. Promoting/inviting a gambling website, and running one, is illegal in Thailand.

The online gambling website joke probably isn't the main reason this post got 5 likes either.

But I still don't know if joking or making fun of gambling websites is legal in Thailand, might have to do more research on that...

But in the meantime...

The 1,000-day anniversary I mentioned early is no joke. Mathematical Base Defenders will turn 1,000 days old on July 13, 2023 (development started October 16, 2020), and there will be an update to both the play subdomain and this website (which hasn't been updated for ~2.5 months), so see you in 2 days or something. I don't know. See you in the game, I guess?

Mathematical Base Defenders: Reversal Update Introduction Post

#Mathematical Base Defenders #Update #Progress Report

It's finally here! 16 days ago, I released the first test-build for Mathematical Base Defenders: Reversal. Now, the website portion is complete (I didn't test it throughly), and I am ready to "confidently" say that Mathematical Base Defenders: Reversal is finally in public testing!

What's changed?

On 2023-01-20, I finally realized that the game isn't that playable due to there being tiles, or limited resources [1]. I tried playing it, and it has caused problems even to me (the creator). I finally realized I did something wrong, and I wanted to redeem myself.

So instead of making math equations, you now solve them! This means there will be no more tiles. Instead, you are free to type anything you want!

Having limited resources when you want/should have/need unlimited could also be breaking the flow, making the game unenjoyable. There will be no more resources, instead, you just have to solve math equations as fast as possible! This is easier to get in the flow on.

What else?

  • I've rewritten the code in TypeScript, hopefully improving system stability.
  • Better support for touchscreen devices. No more squinting to click that 20-pixel wide tile! Instead, there's an on-screen "keyboard" for you to type your answers in. I've also made it so you can quit a game on a mobile device without a keyboard.

For the 20 registered players (as of writing this), don't worry, your experience points (and level), game rank, and join date will not be reset. However, your scores will be reset sometime later, making the leaderboard clean and 100% filled with new-style submissions.

Where can I see updates?

Since Mathematical Base Defenders is now open source, you can visit the GitHub organization to view "raw" source-code upates! You can also find the game's social media accounts at the footer of the non-play subdomain.


I would like to thank the National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand for hosting the annual National Software Contest! Without it, Mathematical Base Defenders probably wouldn't have been thought of back in 2020. Thank you for funding making Mathematical Base Defense (and then Mathematical Base Defenders) exist, and funding it with 5 figures (THB12,000 to be exact)!

While on the topic of National Software Contest, I would also like to thank KG07, Muq1937 and my project advisor for helping me with Mathematical Base Defense during the competition! (The original version of Mathematical Base Defense was made for NSTDA's National Software Contest, the persons listed here were in OG Mathematical Base Defense's development.)

Thank you for reading, have a nice day, and I'll see you in the game!

Note: Multiplayer will be released later.

And while you're here...

I kinda need help for something. I can't seem to find the perfect enemy speed. Can you help me? I might give you a reward.

Mathematical Base Defenders: Reversal Update 2023-02-23 Progress Report

#Update #Progress Report #Mathematical Base Defenders

Finally! Another progress report! This one is about the new Mathematical Base Defenders update, titled "The Reversal Update".

Since my final exams are over, this means that I will have a lot more time to work on the project!

Don't forget: Mathematical Base Defenders is now open source, so you can see what I've been working on to see if I actually worked on something. The project is currently being worked on at the reversal branch.

Gameplay Change

The original Mathematical Base Defenders (and Mathematical Base Defense) had a very complicated gameplay flow (in my opinion, as explained here), so I've decided change how the game is played, from making equations with limited numbers (which was inspired from math games/activites like the "24 Puzzle" and IQ 180) to just solving equations as fast as you can like a number-cruncher game because in my opinion, it's a true test of mental math speed.

I also believe the new gameplay would be much simpler and hopefully self-explanatory, as well as allowing for easier keyboard input (the original versions required users to remember which key corresponds to which tiles, and then it becomes a problem when there is no more of that tile you need for the expression, breaking "the flow" of speed).

This is what the new gameplay looks like. You can now just type in numbers that are the answers to math problems that you see, making it easier to get in the "flow".

New Gameplay UI

Of course, Easy mode is still available, and I'm still waiting on feedback for the ideal enemy speed!

(Answers are in the range [-100, 100], which is subject to change.)

User Interface

The original Mathematical Base Defenders (and Mathematical Base Defense) had a user interface where the buttons are extremely small. I've decided to fix it by making the buttons really big and have pictures, with colors!!!

New User Interface with larger buttons!

The "playfield" for the Reversal update is now vertical and has "definite" borders, which is now easier for people to see which is which (during Multiplayer). I also got inspiration of the new UI from (e.g.) TETR.IO and Jstris, which are stacker games I've played in the past which I like the gameplay and also the UI of (and think that it's easy to implement for my project.)

Also, I've also made it so that the score number has "dumb animations" like this (it can be turned off if you don't like it, of course):

stupid animation

Note that UI is subject to change.

(Planned) Release Date

I plan on finishing and releasing the Reversal Update before my birthday (March 9), which is a difficult thing to do, but since finals are over for me, it might be a little bit easier. Note that I will probably miss the deadline due to my incompotency and laziness.

I haven't been doing much advertising on the game's social media accounts either too.

But thank you for reading, and have a great day, and see you in the game (when it gets released!)

This blog now has RSS

#Update #mistertfy64's Website

Yeah. I made it myself. Custom mistertfy64 software that might will break again, and if you're interested, I made the RSS "part" of my website public under the MIT license: https://github.com/mistertfy64/TextFeedBridger.

Once again, RSS will break, and I will change how my RSS feed works in the future. As of releasing (2023-02-01), my blog's RSS feed only show the 10 most recent blog posts.

And now it's time to go back to Mathematical Base Defenders: Reversal. How did I not notice I misspelled announcement for over 3 weeks?

Mathematical Base Defenders: Reversal Update Announcement

#Update #Mathematical Base Defenders

IMPORTANT: Mechanics in this page may NOT be final.

After over a year, I have finally come to the realization that how Mathematical Base Defenders is played (<0.3.0-beta) is pretty... complicated. So, that is why, I have decided to plan an update after a 10-1 vote (among my friends as of 2023-01-20 15:00 UTC) saying that I should create a new "gameplay flow" from scratch. That is, Mathematical Base Defenders will have an entirely new gameplay mechanic, possibly replacing the old one.

The New Gameplay: Differences

Instead of trying to be different and "cool" by making this math game make you form problems instead of solving expressions/equations, it will just be solving expressions and equations, just like every other math game.

Other notable gameplay changes include:

  • Enemies move vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Tiles will be removed. Instead, players are free to put in any valid input they want.
  • There will (probably) now may be only one correct answer per enemy, because it wants you to solve an equation, not make you create an equation that satisifes certain criteria.

The New Gameplay: Similarities

You will still be "defending your base from enemies", hence the name.

Other notable gameplay similarites include:

  • Bonuses for "stunts", such as comboing, killing multiple enemies at once.
  • In multiplayer modes, enemies will still be "sent" for doing "stunts".
  • It is still based off of speed.

What will happen?

When the Reversal Update is released, these things MAY happen:

  • Leaderboards are reset. (Note: I still haven't decided whether to archive the old leaderboards.)
  • Levels are reset.
  • Win rate is reset.

Other non-gameplay-related statistics, such as rank and join date, will be kept.

When will it be released?

Probably around 2023-02 to 2023-03. These new features take time to design and work out.

However, if you're impatient (like me), you can check the reversal branch on the repository

Why do this?

There are many reasons that led me to this decision. The main reason is that the game is inaccessible and too hard to play, as pointed out by some of the playerbase. Another reason is that the source code is extremely poorly written, because that's what happens 1 year ago. Files containing 1000 lines, functions being 300 lines and doing multiple things make me look stupid, just like technical debt.

I want to "refresh" the game, while adopting more best security and privacy practices along with it as well. I also have plans to rewrite the game content to be in TypeScript, as well as making it easier to selfhost if you want to.

I believe this would also make the game more easy to play, therefore attracting more players, as I want this game to be one of those "easy to learn, hard to master" games or something like that. I also want this game to be "accessible" (where you don't have to learn any complicated rules) and non-grindy.


Can I still play Mathematical Base Defenders during the development process?

Yes. It will only go down when an update comes.

Will it still be open-source?

Probably yes.

What if I want to join the development/moderation team?

I am currently not accepting applications for the moderation team. However, contributions to the repository are welcome. If you do happen to contribute, you may be considered for a position on the team. You can also donate.

When the update comes, how long will the server be down for?

Probably around an hour. (but obviously more because im stupid an incompetent)

It's 2023, I'm still here, and what's next?

#Update #Personal #Mathematical Base Defenders

Happy New Year to Everyone! (I'm 21.5 hours late in my timezone, UTC+7). But I'm pretty sure at least some of you are still here waiting for me. So what happened? What's next for me? Where do I see myself 5 years from now? Here are the answers (not to some of these rhetorical questions)

Mathematical Base Defenders

I'll confess right now. I started to lose interest on developing Mathematical Base Defenders. I have finally come to realize that the game may not have the easiest controls or the best gameplay or enemy generation. However, I might come back to developing it, if some of you can give me some ideas by messaging me.

I feel like the game is already "complete" and that it needed only bug fixes and minor improvements. Singleplayer is done, multiplayer is done, and settings is done.

But if you want to see the game thrive on, feel free to contribute to the one of the repositories! Even though I may have lost interest, but having someone being interested in the project really motivates me into continuing (I will also take a look at your pull request)!

The game was originally created for a "software contest" (more precisely: NSTDA's National Software Contest). The initial, first, prototype version was developed in 2020, when said iteration of the competition took place. I used Java for the language, but I found out that it might not be the best for me now. So I switched to JavaScript with an incomplete TypeScript migration. After the competition and having receiving THB12,000 in funding, I wanted it to be able to be used commerically. But obviously due to my incompotency, it failed. However, I won't be giving up on the project.

Possible New Game

Speaking of NSTDA's National Software Contest, I (and one of my friends) have submitted another proposal to NSTDA for this year (2023)'s National Software Contest! The results on whether it will be accepted will come out on 2023-01-20 during the day. If it gets accepted, the development on that "new game" will start! But if it doesn't, well... I'm not sure what to do.

2023-01-20 Update: It wasn't accepted.

The game will be similar to Mathematical Base Defenders, but much easier to play and to survive longer. This game would also be a more "simple" game than Mathematical Base Defenders, containing less math, less RNG, and more speed and skill!

This Website

Of course, for my personal website, there will still be updates! I may or may not open-source it in the future (I can't really recall whether I committed sensitive information in). I will also be updating the Prayut Counter if there are news about Prayut once again, you know, just to make things more i n t e r e s t i n g .

So what happened? What's next for me? Where do I see myself 5 years from now?

Remember when I said I wont be answering some of the questions in the first line? Well, I lied, and these are just rhetorical questions (I don't know if they really are). But if you want to see updates on my life, check out my social media account (not just my GitHub account) where I have a 5% of posting something every 2 weeks!

That's it for this blog post. Thank you for reading this and have a great year!

Mathematical Base Defenders 2022-10-14 Progress Report

#Mathematical Base Defenders #Update #Progress Report

Welcome to a series of blog posts where I might (will) forget to make a new post about this series every week.

This is about progress reports for Mathematical Base Defenders.

So let's get right in to what I did.

Don't forget: Mathematical Base Defenders is now open source, so you can always see what changes I've made after this blog post.

The first progress report will be about better frontend and data presentation. Other progress reports may be of mixed content.

Let's dive in!

Transformations of "Player Instances"

I've spent the last couple of days allowing for "player instances" (i.e., the gamefield) to move and scale.

Opponent Game Instances bouncing

Player gamefield moving crazily

These are created for better multiplayer game experiences, so you don't have to stare at a small gamefield on 2 player games.

Note: This may not be implemented in the direct next update. At the moment, these transformations are only used for debug/development purposes, but if you want to see it faster, make sure to contribute!

Better User Interface

These are just some touch-ups to the user interface.

These include (but aren't limited to):

  • Icons on buttons
  • "Intermission" screens
  • Better CSS on buttons

...and I've also made other small changes, including fixing some bugs (and creating new ones), attempting to better code quality, and attempting to get more players.

Finally, I'd like to end on a note that I fill the game is too hard for players. I realized that just because I can play it doesn't mean you guys can play it. I'm sorry. But you can help by finding the right enemy speed. Feel free to suggest the right enemy speed (or new mechanics that make the game easier) in the game's Discord Server! You can also directly add a feature by contributing!

There isn't much to say in this blog post, but thank you for your time, and see you in the game!

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